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Las Condes, Santiago, Chile


Fen Ventures bridges the gap by funding the best companies immediately post-accelerator and via follow-on financing, providing the ability to scale and grow through to successful exits. Bolstering our funding is effective mentoring in the disciplines most impactful for success. Our regional focus and partnerships in key countries provide the support necessary to effectively cross borders and build region-wide scale. Most importantly, our experience as entrepreneurs gives us comfort with appropriate levels of risk and enables us to fuel the requisite fire in the bellies of our founders.

Fen Ventures is determined to give entrepreneurs better options to support them in building success. We focus on the early stage funding gap for technology companies.



The result is a market gap – early stage capital is not matched to the best entrepreneurs with the most compelling ideas. Additionally, national focus on the part of funds and governments prevents companies from establishing a large enough market to quickly gain economies of scale and dominate the region. Finally, the conservative business culture of existing funds does not foster the risk mentality necessary to entrepreneurialism.